Equine Nutrition and Feeding

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Semester 1.

To achieve credit for this module, students must be able to: Evaluate the importance of equine gut physiology and feeding management practices to the health and welfare of equids. Apply knowledge and understanding of current scientific concepts to optimise the adaptation of tissue types for optimal fitness of the equine athlete. Demonstrate the ability to assess work levels for horses and appropriate dietary requirements.

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Key texts Students should be familiar with the content of at least one of the following: Frape, D. Equine Nutrition and Feeding. Nutrient Requirements of Horses. Bulletin No. Geor, R. Hinchcliff, K.

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Edinburgh: Saunders. Marlin, D. Blackwell Science. Cuddeford, D.

Nutrition and Feeding

Equine Nutrition. Crowood Press. Ellis, A.

SmartPak Barn Field Trip, Part 1: Exploring horse feed and nutrition

Nutritional Physiology of the Horse. Nottingham University Press. Wageningen Academic. For you it may mean expensive health care costs, wasted money on the wrong feeds and forages, frustration and uncertainty, and even loss of enjoyment of horse ownership. It helps you master the art of nutrition through simple steps and delivers results quickly.

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It even lets you flag if certain feed products are suitable for various health conditions and lets you search for them in the Feed Products tab. The program will identify if you are within, inside or outside the acceptable nutrient ranges using colourful graphs, and provide you with easy to follow tips, guidelines and messages to keep you on track along the way. If you need a quick diet evaluation you can use generic hay and pasture values but ideally, enter the values from your forage analysis for maximum benefit. Individual Edition. Individual Plus Edition. Pro Edition.

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